Indian Summer in Munich/Germany – A running trail with spots of history

Posted on 28. Oktober 2015


Wissenschaftskommunikation in München

Indian Summer in Munich/Germany – a wonderful runnig-experience quite close to the city center.

Do you know Munich in Germany? Hofbrauhaus, Oktoberfest (which is over now), Lederhose, Nymphenburg castle, famous Neuschwanstein nearby. To go for Indian Summer to Germany sounds a bit strange, but if you take the right route you will find just now that yellow feeling, the smell of autum-leaves and special sights of Munich as well. This is my participation at“WWWP5K„, a worldwide campaign of Wordpress to exchange running/walking-experience.

This 3.5 miles track along the river Isar in Munich brings you now into Indian Summer and the history.

This 3.5 miles track along the river Isar in Munich brings you now into Indian Summer and the history.

Let me take you to a 5,7 kilometers walk along the river Isar that passes right through Munich. We are just about 5 kilometers from the city center, but we will not pass any bussy streets, there are no steep hills (except one short). But there are good surface (even in wet conditions), we are in the midst of autum, nature and we see some interesting points of history.

Let me start runnig, or better walking (which I do – Powerwalking – since I had problems with my Achilles tendon several years ago). I live in Munich and walk regularly along the river Isar, a clear and natural river that comes from the mountains (in summer you can swim in it).  Here is the GPS-track of my walk:

Annakircherl: Sober from the outside – a rococo-jewel inside.

It starts at a small beautifull 16th century-rococo-chapel „Annakircherl“, newly restored and worth to visit. Dont miss a look inside! Our way now goes along a small street „Hochleite“  (good parking) on the high banks of the Isar-valley, passing noble villas like this:

But also looking down on Munich zoological gardens „Hellabrunn“:

Munich Zoo Hellabrunn

Then to the right a short decent (50  meters) down into the Isar-valley, where you find a small chapel „Marienklause“

Chapell „Marienklause“

, built from wood right into the rocks of the high banks of the river (have a look through the door, press the switch for light – it is cosy). It is dedicated to the men who were in ancient times watching and regulating the river Isar (that was a wild and dangerous river at that time) and died on duty. Munich is a catholic city, so you find many churches here.

After that we cross the river Isar on a pedestrian bridge

Crossing Isar at Marienklause.

with a good view on the gravel banks of the river where in summer thousands of  people walk, cycle or rest for sunbathing – or even have a bath in quite fresh water.

Immediately after the bridge we turn left, along the river. You can do a detour from here – about 300 meter longer – that brings you to the landing of river rafting (very popular in summer, with beer, music and meal), to the home of Munich’s Cowboy-Club with wigwam, horses and stable, along a golf-course and through a public park with a lake for skating and bavarian curling in winter and rowing in summer. But we stay at the river with a beautifull view on forests along the banks on the other side. After a while we pass the power station „Isar I“ where electricity is generated for Munich from running water.

Power Station Isar I

View to Großhesseloher Bridge

Padlocks to come back.

Soon we see the „Großhesseloher Bridge“, a high railway-bridge with a special floor for pedestrians (at its opening, back in 1857, it was even the second highest railway-bridge of the world – 31 meters). Immediately before the bridge we turn right, pass a small bridge across the Isar-canal and go for a short climb – about 150 meter – up to the railwaybridge where we cross the river again, with  a beautifull view until the towers of the city center of munich, where visitors have latched padlocks on the fence to remember and come back.

Memorial for resistance against Nazis.

Back on the right riverbanks we turn left again, returning to our start, passing a memorial on the resistance-group „Weise Rose“ against Nazis,

The house where a king met his courtesan.

passing the house, where bavarian king Ludwig I. had his dates with the famous Irish dancer and courtesan Lola Montez (today you can hire the small house for exclusive parties),

Biergarten Menterschaige

passing the beergarden „Menterschwaige“, one of the big and one of the better beergardens in Munich,

walking/running on good ways, shaded by trees, so you feel as in a forest. This returns straight on to our starting point, the rococo-chapel „Annakircherl“.

Good ways for walking and running.

This is not a sightseeing-tour, but a lot to be seen on 5.5 kilometers. I only realized this after I wrote this blogpost. All the ways are well done for walking, runnig and cycling, only after heavy rainfall it might be wet. Since close to the city center (only about 5 km), it is bussy on weekends, but flat and easy to run, except the short decline and climb I mentioned. The runnig distance on my GPS-tracker was 5.7 kilometer (3.6 miles).

Have fun when you do this roundtrip. If you ever come here to run or walk, you might meet me there. I am not living far away and therefore powerwalking here – with many variations – several times a week (most of the pictures were taken in spring and summer).

I think the „Worldwide WordPress 5K“ (WWWP5K) is a good idea for bringing WordPress-bloggers together, exchanging ideas on running-routes worldwide and moving people away from their computer-keyboards to do something for their health. So I participate even if my blog is not concerned at all about running or walking. I blog on science communication, a field I am in for many years and I blog on this topic because I think science is so important for our life that communicating with society is necessary, tricky (and very poor in Germany) and should be supported by the exchange of ideas.

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